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Two Souls

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'MOON VILLA'- Hindi Language

'MOON VILLA'- Hindi Language

A grand mansion on Plot No 44 – in a secluded locale. Three men break into the house at different times, unknown to each other. Surya and Ali are two thieves. Each realize the master of the house, Pasha is up and about and is engaged in a sort of verbal tiff with his wife, Manomita. Soon a cat and mouse game ensue. What follow is a series of revelations, wherein a backward time transition, we explore the background stories of Pasha, his wife and her lover, Andre. This story involves political muscles, suspense, thrill, and a drama surrounding mafia and murder that can never be forgotten by Surya and Ali.

Executive Producer: Dr. Paul Mahajan

Director: Bijaya Jena; and Neelaabh Kaul

Director of Photography: Neelaabh Kaul

Screen Play: Neelaabh Kaul

Production Manager: Amit Chaudhury

Sound: Jamil Ahmed

Art Director: Abani Kumar

Edit/Effects: Nikhil Khona

Costume: Tanu Krishna

Chief Assistant Director: Amon Chopade

Camera Assistant: Ayaskant Baral

Mayank Sahu

Sushil Singh

Makeup artist: Ashok Galphade


Uday Chandra

Bijaya Jena

Vijay Kashyap

Tanvir Singh

Saroj Parida

Susan Brar

Jon Bagley

Trinayan Sharma

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Teen Bahini (तीन बहिणी): Language- Marathi

Teen Bahini (तीन बहिणी): Language- Marathi

From the streets to Ashram (Shelter) three girls enter into the zone of challenge courage, and heroism of the sixth senses as each grows older in a mansion of a billionaire, who shows his true love for humanity only to make the difference that changes the life of three helpless girls forever, known as तीन बहिणी (Teen Bahini).


Two Souls- Language- English

Two Souls- Language- English

A young man, a painter, and an artist (2021), who lives longer than his given time on earth only to discover the mystery of his own paintings, portrayed in 1877, leads him to his own destiny.


Smriti Chhai- Language- Hindi

Smriti Chhai- Language- Hindi

Smriti Chhai deals with ambitions, migration, roots, and culture. It follows the life of an educated woman in the 70s aristocratic family from Odisha. As she is not allowed to pursue a career, she haplessly searches for her identity in a feudal household. At the sudden loss of her husband, she reminisces about her life and seeks spiritual solace. Her life is turned upside down when a stranger claiming to be her brother-in-law enters her life. Will the mysterious man be able to help her find her individuality?




Amidst adverse social atmosphere and a society baffled in matters of faith & karma, Dnyaneshwar is born in 1275 A.D. in Nevase village in Maharashtra as a second son to Vitthalpant & Rukmini– both enlightened personalities but banished from society for their progressive thoughts. Dnyaneshwar, the re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu grows up with his equally divine siblings Nivrutti, Sopan and sister Mukta. Knowledge & tolerance is the inheritance their parents leave behind before ending their lives (as a punishment by the religious hierarchy of that time).