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'FEARLESS WHISPER'- English Language

Dr. RYAN LEIGH (45) a brilliant minded surgeon, yet clumsy in personal life. He has hopes and dreams to become one of the best in his community, enjoys his life with his sweetheart, MELISSA (38), supports his efforts to become the best. Until one day- Ryan faces a challenge in the hospital. A young BOY, who needs a surgery to save his life that Ryan, performs diligently. The Boy dies and Ryan loses his job as he is discovered by Dr. ROY MCCRAY (65), who gives Ryan a second chance in his life. Soon enough, Dr. McCray owns Ryan, and Ryan is trapped. This entrapment reveals the hidden truth. Saga continues where Ryan makes his decision to escape this grisly world of confusion, love, mystery, and his medical future on this island. FEARLESS WHISPER is heard at last, the whisper of secrets, love, passion, and adventure of a brilliant and courageous mind in a beautiful island.

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