Founder (PSMP)

Dr. Paul Mahajan is the President/CEO of the PSM Productions, Inc. since 2006 in USA and since 2009 in India. Paul graduated from Hollywood Film Institute of Los Angeles, CA and completed the diploma in producing and directing films. Dr. Mahajan holds doctorate degree in Business Management and has been part-time professor at three different universities educate others.

Producer’s film history since 2006 - Producer/Director: Educational Documentary Film ‘Fearful Minds-the unknown destiny’ (2014)-

in development
Produce/writerr- Hollywood feature film: ‘Fearless Whisper’ (2015)- in development- Language ‘English

Producer/writer Hollywood feature film: ‘Inner Instincts’ (2014)- in development

Executive Producer-Bollywood feature film: ‘By Luck’ (2014)- in development- Language “Marathi”

Executive Producer-Bollywood/Hollywood International feature film: ‘Goan Sonata’ (2014)- in development- Language ‘English’

Executive producer-Bollywood film: ‘Moon Villa’ (2014)- in development- language ‘Hindi’

Executive Producer/Director- Animation feature film: “Loving Mom’ (2014)- in development- Language ‘English’

Executive Producer: Feature film ‘BLOOD n’ DESTINY’- (2010)- completed Language English

Executive producer- short film (40 min) ‘THE CHASE’: A mysterious human mind- (2009) completed- Language ‘English’

Producer/ director/ writer- an educational Documentary, ‘DISSERTATION’ (HD) (2005) – completed- Language ‘English’

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