PSM Productions

Dr. Paul Mahajan is the President/CEO of the PSM Productions, Inc. since 2006 in USA and 2009 in India. Paul graduated from Hollywood Film Institute of Los Angeles, CA and completed the diploma in producing and directing films as his passion. He holds a doctorate degree in Business Management and has been a professor, educating others at different levels of disciplines. He believes in passion, vision, and uplifting goals. He has written books that include: ‘Colin of God’; ‘Ryan, the Angel’; and a poetry book ‘Heart Speaks’.

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PSM Productions, Inc. 4650 Weekend Road, suite 2, Sparks, Nevada 89431-7722, USA Ontario, California 91764, USA


PSM Productions
Sugandhi Heights, B wing, Kharodi Naka, Boling Road, Virar (West) 401303